2017 Nissan Quest


The 2017 Nissan Quest new minivan which will be revisited, rather than it is start of new generation of the vehicles. This is fourth generation of the model that exists for 25 years. Quest was a vehicle produced in cooperation between Nissan and Ford. Since their break up, this minivan was used as a platform for new Ford vehicle, Villager, while Nissan continued to release it under the same name. In year 2017, Quest is going to be composed in Japan, instead of US.

2017 Nissan Quest

2017 Nissan Quest engine

Power source of the 2017 Nissan Quest comes from 3.5-l V6 engine. Maximum power delivered from this powerplant is 260 hp, and torque is at 240 lb-ft. This is an improvement to previous models, and new unit works much smoother and quieter. Fuel efficiency is also boosted, but we still don’t know exact numbers. Current model can go 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on highway. Transmission paired with engine is CVT, and front wheel drive is standard.

2017 Nissan Quest interior

Inside the cabin of the 2017 Nissan Quest there are three rows of seats. Also, all materials used before are now improved or replaced with more quality items. Depending on trims, we will have more or less features offered. Finally company is preparing the same lineup as for latest Quest, with S, SV, SL and Premium models to be offered. All seven passengers will feel comfort. It is boosted with great view through windows from second and third row of seats. Finally infotainment system is boosted with 11-inch screen with DVD player to make long trips more enjoyable.

2017 Nissan Quest interior

2017 Quest exterior

Primary target of the exterior design on new Nissan Quest was to make this van more aggressive and aerodynamic. More lightweight materials were used for building, aluminum and carbon-fiber at first place, and due to weight drop, minivan won’t lose on its performance. From exterior details, grille and headlights suffer changes, but not too radical, so 2017 Quest comes in familiar look.

2017 Nissan Quest side view

2017 Nissan Quest arrival and price

Release date of the 2017 Nissan Quest is scheduled for the end of 2016. Finally price is expected to keep same level as for its predecessors, around $28.000 and top models cost $45.000.

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  1. I am a current owner of 2012 Quest and for the most part I love it. Will there be any change to the size of wheels or tires?

  2. I’m just waiting until they increase them wheels

  3. My 3rd Nissan Quest! Waiting for the 2017!

  4. When is the 2017 Nissan Quest coming out???My lease will end this coming December!!

  5. this van has been scrapped due to low sales volume. I blame bad arketing of an awesome van I have a 2016 and I love it.

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