2018 Nissan Juke

Nissan is preparing new generations for some of their most famous and best-selling crossovers and trucks. By the end of 2020 we should get 15 new models, according to some information. While some of them are ready to appear as 2017 vehicles, one of the most popular crossovers is coming as 2018 Nissan Juke. Japanese carmaker already announced it, so we can expect test mules out in the streets. Other interesting things are changes on the Juke, which could offer new look and hew sources of power, including hybrid combination.

2018 Nissan Juke

2018 Nissan Juke redesign

First generation of the Juke was very successful, so designers and engineers are trying to make vehicle with same selling records and impact. Because of that, new platform is used. This time, 2018 Nissan Juke will be built upon Gripz concept. This means few things. New, bolder look will be given to the crossover. Bolder appearance, with V-motif grille and sharper headlights are aggressive as some sport cars. Angular bodywork was used on some other SUVs from Nissan, so designers decided to make it possible on new Juke. Another highlight of this vehicle could be new architecture, that use a lot of aluminum and other lightweight materials. This is concept for small crossovers called CMF-B, and it won’t affect on dimensions of old vehicle.

2018 Nissan Juke side view

2018 Nissan Juke hybrid

While petrol engine is standard, diesel always possibility, announcement of hybrid possibility caused a lot of attention from fans and experts. One of the Nissan’s executives confirmed these plans, but still left this chapter opened by telling 2018 Nissan Juke is still being in development phase and nothing is carved in stone, but speaking optimistically there is a lot of potential. Nevertheless, hybrid drivetrain would be cool on this compact crossover, boosting fuel economy above current level. On the other side, we must wait to see if that will have something with performance.

2018 Nissan Juke rear view

2018 Nissan Juke release date

The 2018 Nissan Juke won’t be out before second part of 2017. However, this vehicle is still in developing, so even Nissan people couldn’t tell us close time of its release.

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