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  • Nissan Esflow concept

    First touch with new Nissan Esflow concept is making it interesting because of its name. While we are trying to spell it correctly, we can also found out that there is more behind this nameplate. Platform was presented back in 2011 at car show in Geneva, and ever since we are waiting for the vehicles […]

  • Nissan Invitation concept

    The Nissan Invitation concept is made for new generations of compact multi-purpose vehicles. Although Japanese carmaker made its debut back in 2012, platform wasn’t used ever since. However, it is about to change. According to first information, Invitation styling won’t be brought to United States. All other countries where MPVs will run on this platform […]

  • Nissan Hi-Cross concept

    Nissan is among leaders in SUV class, especially because of its extraordinary models, Qashqai, Juke and Murano. However, company that always seeks for innovations and improvement has prepared different approach through its Nissan Hi-Cross concept. Greatest news is hybrid powertrain. This type of drivetrain is not so popular and developed, but other classes are already […]

  • Nissan Sport Sedan

    Latest car show in Detroit presented new platform for Nissan vehicles. Japanese manufacturer will probably launch it very soon, and new Maxima could be the first car to be built on Nissan Sport Sedan concept. Styling and performance is going to be improved and some innovations will be presented with it. However, there are many […]

  • Nissan IDS concept

    The last car show in Tokyo, Japan, hosted a premiere of the futuristic Nissan IDS concept. This is brand new platform with some revolutionary solutions. First of all, its look, and when you keep hearing about it, this could be fully-electrically charged car. Not only that, but also all parts for this model should be […]

  • Nissan Gripz concept

    One of the reasons why Nissan is so popular and successful, is in regular implementation and innovation of new details, from styling to performance. There has been a while since we were listening about new concept from their designers, and now time has come to be unveiled. It is brand new Nissan Gripz concept. This […]

  • Infiniti Synaptiq concept

    The last Auto show in Los Angeles was used by Nissan to present brand new concept. Car show hosted a feature called Design Challenge, and this time its theme was about future. The question was “How will cars interact with us in 2029?”. Japanese carmaker used its luxury cars brand to show off plans for […]

  • Infiniti Vision GT supercar concept

    Designers in Japanese company have been very busy recently, building up new concepts for their future sport car and supercar division. Among them, with excellent design, Infiniti Vision GT supercar concept caught attention of visitors at Shanghai Auto Show. This Nissan’s brand made that concept as a matrix for Grand Turismo video game series, and […]

  • Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner

    If you keep history of vehicles, you must remember the first release of Nissan Frontier in 2005,  it was a powerful vehicle in that time. However Nissan management has considered building more powerful Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner midsized pickup truck within the next one year. The new Nissan Frontier diesel vehicle will have the following […]

  • Nissan TeRRA

    The name of the SUV is as intriguing and novel as its idea. Since Nissan has enough involvement in electric vehicles and SUVs it has attempted to consolidate the technology of the two into the Nissan TeRRA. So it is a SUV + EV with a creative 4×4 electric fuel cell vehicle that guarantees zero […]