2015 Nissan X-trail


The new Nissan X-trail not only look stylish and sleek – it’s perfectly designed to make everyday driving and enjoy the full experience. Packed full of fantastic features, it’s a new design that rivals any competitor in the market, launching a sleeker era for the 2015 Nissan X-trail. With robust and reliable capabilities, new bold design and practical features the Nissan X-trail will always continue to be an American favorite. With this new model you are assured of comfort and style.

2016 Nissan x-trail front view

2015 Nissan X-trail engine

With the 2015 Nissan X-trail you are spoiled for choices. And just like in families, there is no one size to fit for all. With the 2015 X-trail, you have the choice of either a diesel engine or advanced petrol engine. The model engine size is 2.5 litre with four cylinders. These two engines are available in either 4 WD or 2 WD, with each one providing outstanding fuel economy and responsive power.

The exquisite diesel engine has an outstanding fuel consumption of 5.3 L per 100 km, also the super- efficient diesel power engine has enhanced idle and start technology. The stop/start technology is invaluable because it stops the engine when the car is in a stationary mode, this helps in reducing fuel consumption and also reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the environment.

2016 Nissan x-trail side view

2015 Nissan X-trail redesign

Do not let the stylish and sleek design of the 2015 Nissan X-xtrail lead you astray. Designed for the daily family use, the latest Nissan X-trail 2015 delivers exquisite urban style while still able to maintain its 4 WD capability. The new Nissan model still retains the distinctive “V” shaped Nissan grille and with new refined daytime running lights, combines to make this model the most stylish and beautiful Nissan X-Trail yet.

This model also comes with five colors to choose from, and they include; Titanium Olive, Tungsten Silver, Graphite Blue, Diamond Black and Brilliant white.

2016 Nissan x-trail rear view

2015 Nissan X-trail spacious for the whole family

The 2015 Nissan X-trail model is spacious enough to fit your entire family and if you have a large family the seven seat option with EZ Flex is also available. The model is also designed with an innovative Divide-N-Hide cargo system, which helps you to fit in all your cargo. Also the theater- style- seating necessarily guarantees everybody a seat with a view to the surrounding.

2015 Nissan X-trail price and release date

The price for the 2015 X-Trail begins from $25,000 in America. The 4 WD SUV was released in the United states in the the last or third quarter of 2014.

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