2016 Nissan GTR Nismo


The 600 hp beats from Nissan is ready. It will cost expensive, but it is worth. New 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo will hit the roads and leave all spectators without breath, wishing they have such car. Exotic segment will get new vehicle, since 600 ponies from the new Nissan GTR Nismo won’t leave competition without answer. So far, this could be the biggest refresh for 2016 season.

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo engine

Regular GT-R in 2016 will be powered from 3.8-liter, V-6 engine which was used earlier. The Nismo is performance tuned version of base models, and to boost performance, engine should get refreshment and upgrade. Of course, other systems are improved also. So, 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo will get power from 3.8-liter, high-capacity twin-turbocharged V6 engine, which should be good for 600 hp. However, brakes and suspension will give additional contribution. Torque level is expected somewhere around 500 lb-ft. Aerodynamics are also boosting performance. Rear stabilizer bar is tuned for Nismo model.

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo rear view

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo redesign

There are few notable design changes on 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo. First of all, visual appearance is refreshed. Car is aggressive and very attractive, and that is expected from exotic vehicle. Everything on GTR Nismo’s styling is about weight. A lot of use of carbon fiber and aluminum will make parts and car easier. There are new 20-inch super-lightweight forged-alloy black wheels installed. Tires won’t slip easily at hard acceleration because of the knurled beads. We can also see additional cooling air ducts. Also, new on the car is trunk lid with half of the weight that is placed on regular model. Painting is greatly done, so even for sharp eyes will be tough to spot differences. On the back of the car is dry carbon fiber spoiler, which should keep 2016 GTR Nismo on the road with its might downforce.

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo interior

2016 Nissan GTR Nismo interior

The 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo will be offered in limited edition. Interior comfort is boosted with leather-appointed front seats colored in black, with red Alcantara accents. For this vehicle, seats are modified to offer best comfort and pleasure. So, even high speeds that 600 hp-rated powertain produces won’t make you feel bad. Tachometer gets new look with vivid red color.

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