2016 Nissan NV200


The 2016 Nissan NV200 is coming unchanged, with slight modifications. It will remain in top of the class since market is not too large, and there is no many alternatives for this van. Main quality of NV200 is its cargo space, not only for commercial van. This is smaller van, comparing to base NV model, which is more truck-like. More practical and fuel friendly, vehicle is agile for urban areas and tight streets. Technologies installed in the van are modern and there is higher SV trim with more features.

2016 Nissan NV200

2016 Nissan NV200 powertrain

As we already said, 2016 Nissan NV200 can tow. Total capacity of this van is just under 1500 lbs. That is possible with 2.0-l four-cylinder engine. Transmission paired with it is CVT, which sends power to front wheels. This is good for 130 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. Although acceleration of the new van is excellent, it doesn’t affect fuel economy. City and highway mpg rate are almost the same, with 24 mpg rate in urban conditions, or 26 in open road. The 2016 NV200 can sprint to 60 mph in just 10 seconds.

2016 Nissan NV200 features

This cargo van was designed to take two passengers, so its usage is commercial. Base, S trim includes 15-inch wheels. Sliding side doors are standard for the vehicle, and interior is made of cloth and vinyl upholstery. Tilt-only steering wheel and adjustable driver seat improve driving impression. There are also cruise control and connectivity for Bluetooth and audio. Additional equipment which can be found is SV trim is consisted of power locks, six cargo area tie-down hooks and few more packages. The S model can be upgraded with Technology package, and buyers of SV trim can get Exterior Appearance and Technology packages, with enhanced audio system and navigation.

2016 Nissan NV200 interior

2016 Nissan NV200 price

Entry-level S model of 2016 Nissan NV200 is available from $20,800. Higher trim NV200 SV costs $1,000 more, but brings more entertainment. At buyer’s choice are navigation and rear view camera, this vehicle could cost closer to $23,000. Main competition comes from US companies, with Ford Transit and Chevrolet City Express vans battling for better spot in the market.

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