2016 Nissan Quest


The 2016 Nissan Quest is a minivan like car which is a continuation of the Japan produced cars following 1992. It is the fourth model in line. The first brains behind this model was a program that was to run between Ford company and Nissan. That is reflected on it’s shape and design which looks like those of Ford Flex. With the basis on the space available for seats and driver. It comes in four trims, S, SL, SV and Platinum. A huge grill is fitted in the front of the car with big taillights and chrome bar on the tailgate. It has pentagonal headlights as well.

2016 Nissan Quest front view

2016 Nissan Quest redesign

This is a car that is well suited for family. This is due to the fact that it harbors enough space for seven people to comfortably sit in. ┬áIt’s seats are arranged in three columns with the most benefiting being the back seats with very large space. Driving in 2016 Nissan Quest is also very comfortable. Interior is designed to allow enough space for the driver to move easily. The body is great too with a 72.5″ tallness, 77.6″ width, 200.8″ length and 118.1 inches wheelbase. This comes along with many tech features such as USB connectivity,┬áradio and speaker system, cruise control, a 5.0 color display, digital air conditions and Bluetooth.

2016 Nissan Quest interior

2016 Nissan Quest engine

The 2016 Quest comes with one of the most effective and less noisy engines as compared to the other cars in it’s level. This is a V6 3.5 litre engine with 240 pounds of engine of torque and a 260 hp that is rated at 260 horsepower. It comes in a front wheel drive with the engine matched to the CTV. The numbers in the performance of the engine is good enough with the values being at 20 mpg to 27 mpg in the city or a through way. This is the same as it predecessor models.

2016 Nissan Quest release date and price

For those who would wish to give the 2016 Nissan Quest should keep their cool for the time being as the stipulated market price has not yet been released. Most probably it will be affected by the market trends and the prices of the different models that are in it’s level including; Toyota Sienna, Honda Oddysey with other Chrysler models that can be compared to it. The 2015 Nissan Quest will also be a major determinant hence the need to learn about their prices. With the reliable information concerning those forerunners then the price can be estimated at $27.000-$44.000 depending on the trim level.

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