2017 Nissan 370Z


Major changes are expected from second generation of Nissan’s sport lineup. Its 370Z could bring many changes for 2017 year model, including powertrain and even name. Yes, it is being considering, so the 2017 Nissan 370Z could come as Z35 model, but it is not done deal yet. However, “Z” badge is to be served for couple more years. The car continues to be what it was, a small, two-door sport vehicle.

2017 Nissan 370Z

2017 Nissan 370Z hybrid

Except the name, other major change could happen. The 2017 Nissan 370Z or Z35 could come as hybrid vehicle. Experts predict that 2.0-l I-4 unit, deruved from Mercedes-Benz small cars could be paired with electric battery. This story has sense, since two companies are cooperating for some time. Hybrid technology is to be tested on this car, but it should bring lower fuel consumption without suffer on the performance end.

2017 Nissan 370Z side view

2017 Nissan 370Z petrol engine

Although hybrid powertrain could be highlight of the new car, before that the new Nissan 370Z will appear in classic way, with gas drivetrain. A 3.0-l V6 is expected to feature direct-injection system for great performance. Some enthusiasts expect its output to reach 350 hp, but we doubt in it. Although, he Nismo variant might push it closer to this limit, but it is early to speak about further steps.

2017 Nissan 370Z design

Some rumors are telling that new Nissan 370Z comes with open top. This option could help the car look more sporty than other vehicles of same class from Nissan. However, Targa roof or T-bar type of roof shouldn’t be forgotten. The 2017 370Z will be sharper and more aggressive than before. Beside this, there is not more information available at the moment. We are sure that car will get the most recent features at its launch.

2017 Nissan 370Z front view

2017 Nissan 370Z release date and price

Experts predict that sport car won’t come out before 2017. But, time of the year is totally unknown from this stance. Same story is with the price, but that is somehow predictable. If some fans’ and expert’s stories and analyses are right, we should expect $60.000 as price tag for 2017 Nissan 370Z.

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  1. I have owned two Zs in my life, the 2005 & 2010 Anniversary Editions, I love them. However, if they expect me to pay around $60,000 for a new Z, it better have a 3.5 second 0-60 time, manual transmission, come loaded with lots of goodies, and have AWD. I want to get to work, not drift to work. AWD makes sense when three quarters of the U.S. gets snow in the winter. Come on Nissan, don’t let me down.

    1. Agree whole heartedly! I had 82 and 84 280/300ZX stick. Currently 5 leases from Atlantic Infiniti JAX Fl with terrific personnel and service like the GM Bruce and Service Mgr. Rob Mullen…awesome had my biz 16 years thru 3 G35 6 speeds and 2 G37S’s six speed leases, lease up in 5 months —now with this “only 7 speed auto-slush” on 2017 Q60 copycat Lexus F same garbage does not matter to me …if they do not capitulate and make a 6 or 7 speed stick with that beautiful 400 HP reliable machine as I have had that feels like its panther-like paws are in love with the blacktop and I’m one with it I will say GOODBYE to Corporate Infiniti…sad to leave great relationship with the aforementioned quality Infiniti folks and just get my teenage dreamcar…No Not a Z car with no Stick and AWD get serious!!! A Corvette 7 speed stick that does not suffer “slushbucket sleepiness!
      Jim S.

  2. WTF????? Does Nissan actually think we need another Crossover on the road, one that would fit in between the Rogue and Juke??? WTF????? Nissan needs to understand that America needs a sports car in the $50,000 and in the $25,000 range to soak up all the enthusiasts. They have it covered at the $100,000 range with the GTR. Lets start with the $25,000 range and put in a RWD, 4 cylinder turbo Z, add a lot of goodies to top it off at $30,000 fully loaded. Now, the interesting part is to put a vehicle in between the GTR and baby Z to make it a little exciting. At the $50,000 range Nissan would be smart to make a Z car with one GTR trait. That’s right, I said it. America needs an AWD Z. Slap a manual transmission and an engine that will pull the Z into the sub-4sec. 0-60 time, and I will tell you what, we will have something there. 75% of the United States sees snow, I need to get to work, not drift to work. If you can recall, Audi did the same thing with the TT RS (five cylinder, AWD, Turbo, manual tran.4.2sec 0-60 time), but it cost way too much at $64,000. I hear they are coming back out with it in 2017. Toyota is even (from what I hear) are going to make the new Supra at about the $60,000 range. At the moment, there is nothing at the $45-$60,000 range except for the Vette, Mustang GT 350, Challenger, Camaro SS, etc…, but all of them DO NOT have AWD. If Americans are going to spend that much money on a get-away from life car, it needs to be an all-year-round car. Now a days, not many people have a disposable income of $50,000. Nissan, if you build a baby Zilla kind of like the Nismo Z with tech package, AWD, upgraded surround stereo system, and put in an engine that would get about a 3.8sec. 0-60 time, I for one would be very grateful, plus I do believe you would decimate all other sports car sales in that price range, if you have the balls to pull it off….

  3. I also am a 370Z coupe owner and was excited to hear there would be exterior design changes for the 2017 version, until I heard about the proposed new pricing. A $30k price version has been the best fit for middle America and makes a great statement about one’s style. The odds of this same mid-level income person rising up into a $50Kto $60K auto purchase area is slim to none, if you’re watching the real economy and political blockades of moving the U.S. minimum wage up to $15/hr. Nissan needs to grow new 370Z ownerships to the already declining numbers. I say don’t mess with
    what was working at the $25K – $30K price, and I’ll be inline to update to the 2017 when it is released.

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