2017 Nissan Z


For 2017 Nissan Z, iconic sport car, we do not expect big changes comparing to current model and upcoming vehicle for 2016. It is still in seventh generation of production. It seems that will be the case in upcoming period. No big changes were planned, since new Nissan Z is going to use same platform, with similar or the same characteristics as current vehicles. It won’t be lighter and downsized. So it means no big discount will be offered for this car. However, it is still attractive, since it continues its use of modern and aggressive styling.

2017 Nissan Z front view

2017 Nissan Z powertrain

With no signs of downsizing this car, it is certain that 2017 Nissan Z will have V6 installed under its hood. Direct injection drivetrain could produce up to 350 hp and CVT will probably be an option for 6-speed manual transmission. Also, 7-speed automatic gearbox, used by many new Nissan vehicles could be paired with drivetrain. Hybrid is not considered yet for new Nissan Z, although there could be change of the plan in few years. Also, there are some rumors telling that four-cylinder engine could be placed in 2017 Nissan Z. It is still unknown if that could be primary option, or just for some models.

2017 Nissan Z interior

2017 Nissan Z redesign

Same platform will be used for 2017 Nissan Z and for new Infiniti Q50. Since the Z car shares chassis and other features with luxurious models, we expect a lot of hi-tech accessories in it. So, current platform called FM will be used again. No big changes is going to happen on new Nissan Z. What is certain is more use of aluminum, which should lead to weight drop. We are not sure yet if there will be new appearance and lines used on the sport car. However, although many fans were hoping that vehicle is going to return to its classic styling, it won’t happen, since 2017 Z continues to exploit modern and sophisticated appearance.

2017 Nissan Z drive

2017 Nissan Z competition and price

With arrival expected somewhere in 2015, price is still unknown. Some information say that $35.000 is a top mark for this car, but official data is not available yet. When it appears, 2017 Nissan Z will face competition in Mustang, Camaro and Audi TT, while Hyundai Genesis Coupe is making its way to the top.

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