2018 Nissan iDx


Design of the Nissan iDx was a lure for most buyers. It is attractive and somehow nostalgic, with some classic lines carried over to modern times and on modern vehicle. It is always exciting when there is announcement of new model for this kind of cars. Now, the time has came for update of the vehicle which will come out as 2018 Nissan iDx. Japanese carmaker is planning model for 2017, and we doubt it is going to be delayed and released later, but 2018 year model is new. This one is going to be developed from concept presented in 2013, and according to what we saw then, expect immediate impact to sport vehicle market.

2018 Nissan iDx

2018 Nissan iDx styling

First pictures of the 2018 Nissan iDx have been shown. These renderings are telling a lot about design of the new car. First of all, you will see new design of the front of the vehicle. New lines, sharp hood, grille and bumpers are bolded. However, until production model comes to dealerships, we could see some dramatic changes. But, nothing was announced yet. We guess that this vehicle is modern version of Nissan Bluebird, called Datsun 510. When you convert number 510 to Roman numbers, you are getting DX, which is name of our vehicle. However, some design solutions could be carried from that car, but since its production ended during 1970’s, do not expect too many similarities.

2018 Nissan iDx interior

2018 Nissan iDx engine

We could see vehicle during 2013, but info about its powertrain and specifications haven’t been announced or said anywhere. Due to two sorts of rumors, telling that we can get 2018 Nissan iDx in Nismo and Freeflow versions, we expect different engines for both trim levels. The Freeflow of the new iDx car could be packed with one of three possibilities. There are 1.2-l, 1.5-l and 1.8-l units in the mix. All are four-cylinder drivetrains, which could be found in some other vehicles.

2018 Nissan iDx rear view

Transmission is CVT, which boosts fuel economy, rather than output, which is unknown yet. Other, Nismo version of the 2018 Nissan iDx could have 1.6-l turbo-charged I-4 powertrain under its hood. Same transmission is used here, as for Freeflow model, but 6-speed automatic box is also an option.

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