2018 Nissan Lannia


The new 2018 Nissan Lannia will take place in market in late 2018, since the final preparations are not over yet. This will be innovate mid size vehicle for modern families and consumers which is regarding for many busy people who keep in touch with latest trends. Eye catching feature is roof, which will be quite sensation even for a critics themselves. Final concept and production took place in China and final performance will be happening in Shanghai. The main idea is to spirit and style of modern generations mix with traditional colors and shapes make into something new and refreshing. Also is a great start for those who like Nissan vehicles.

2018 Nissan Lannia

2018 Nissan Lannia exterior and interior

Some of significant changes are available in 2018 Nissan Lannia. Roof is changed and also redesigned and grille is quite larger. The main idea was to make a different utility vehicle so the Maxima was the mannequin. LED lights are also present and they are in both sides and is quite present in all latest vehicles on a market. Stylish and bold design is final and presentation of 2018 Nissan Lannia will be after the final tests which are going well. Inside the cabin there are more fine leather materials and  furniture. Tech implants are quite useful and innovative, such as 7-inch touch-screen.

2018 Nissan Lannia rear

2018 Nissan Lannia engine

Engine is coming as 3.5-l V-6 which is typical for Maxima model. This engine will have the same or better transmission depending of gearbox. This is going to be an X-ironic transmission, useful and effective. This car will get up to 300 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy is cut by couple of liters gasoline. Engine should to be more than efficient then before and this is also a positive mark for this class of vehicles.

2018 Nissan Lannia 3.5-l V-6

2018 Nissan Lannia price and release date

This innovated Nissan vehicle should be on market at the beginning of 2018.  New 2018 Nissan Lannia is economic vehicle with super fuel economy. The whole concept is coming from Shanghai, so, the final presentation will be in China. Price is unknown yet but it will have higher price since the updates are costs more than predicted.

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