2018 Nissan Z


Upcoming 2018 Nissan Z could be delayed model from 2017 since it seems like this sport car is not going to be finished in time. Japanese carmaker is keeping information as secret, and we couldn’t find out too much about this attractive car. Well, this is not surprise, since Nissan Z is coming as a replacement of the 370z. That carries a lot of changes, under the hood, in the cabin, and in appearance. There are also doubts about entry models, since brand-new car could be launched as a convertible. We are still waiting for official statement from manufacturer about the vehicle, but whenever it happens, we are sure great car is coming under this legendary nameplate.

2018 Nissan Z

2018 Nissan Z engine

So far, we are sure that 2018 Nissan Z will get 2.0-l turbocharged unit. It is mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox, as many other vehicles from same factories. This powertrain will be prepared for hybrid variation, but what could be brought by that, it unknown at this point. Experts are predicting 250 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque out of this combination, and hybrid model will surely have better fuel economy than regular petrol vehicle. Some sources are telling that company is aiming high with it, so it could go even to 50 mpg. Now, it sounds impossible, but in two years it could be done.

2018 Nissan Z engine

2018 Nissan Z design

If some thing is totally unknown about 2018 Nissan Z, it is its look. First models should come as convertible, but that has been questioned after latest announcements. It is sure that Nissan Z is a replacement for 370z, so some parts could be carried over. Nevertheless, to offer excitement to all possible buyers, new threads must be applied. This car has a long history, and it has been always aggressive and attractive vehicle, which established it as one of the vehicles with longest life in car industry.

2018 Nissan Z interior

2018 Nissan Z competition

One of the main rivals of the 2018 Nissan Z will be Porsche Cayman, while it is hard to believe that successor of 370z muscle car can keep the pace with Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang.

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  1. How can order one. I think your HP ratings are low.

    1. Contact your local Nissan dealer for further information.

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