2019 Infiniti Q30 Release date and Price


It looks like the 2019 Infiniti Q30 is going to get some updates. The attractive small hatchback has been around for about three years. Despite production model came in 2015, the first time we saw it was in 2013, when a concept version was presents. Productions starts two years late, and we haven’t seen bigger changes so far. The whole car is closely related to the third-generation Mercedes A-Class, which will be replaced soon. It shares the platform, mechanics, engines, as well as many other things. Still, the styling is completely unique, and it is definitely the car’s strongest point. Such attractive and premium looking exterior design is hard to find in this class.

2019 infiniti q30 front view

The interior design is impressive as well. It comes with plenty of hi-quality materials, a lot of technologies etc. For the next year, we could see some smaller updates both visual and in terms of features.

2019 Infiniti Q30 possible changes

If we can trust those reports that circulate on the network, 2019 Infiniti Q30 will get some updates. We still didn’t get official details, but we can presume that some of these updates will be in terms of styling. Just like it is usual for such updates, most of visual changes are expected to come at the front. We expect to see some revisions on the grille, front fascia and bumper.

On the other side, it is still hard to tell will the headlights design will be changes for a bit. Rest of the car could receive changes as well. Expect some revisions on the rear end, on parts like taillights, rear bumper, exhaust etc. Finally, we should see some new exterior colors and wheels design. In terms of mechanics, the 2019 Infiniti Q30 will most likely remain completely the same.

2019 Infiniti Q30 interior design

Some smaller changes on the inside are also possible. Speaking of the overall cabin design, changes won’t be drastic for sure. We could see some tweaks on the dashboard, but even those should be minimal, in terms of some button reconfiguration and tweaks on the instrument cluster. The rest should remain the same.

2019 infiniti q30 interior

On the other side, 2019 Infiniti Q30 could come with some new, higher-quality materials, as well as new color schemes. Another aspect where we could see novelties is the list of standard equipment. The base trim level organization will remain the same for sure, but every trim level should get something new, whether in terms of safety systems, or in terms of entertainment and more convenience. The powertrain should remain completely unchanged.

2019 Infiniti Q30 powertrain

The engine offer for this hatchback is pretty wide and the 2019 Infiniti Q30 will continue in the same way. There are five engines in total that are available.

The base model comes with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that delivers around 120 horses.

The same engine is available in version with around 155 horsepower.

Finally, the most powerful gasoline unit is 2.0-liter engine which delivers 208 horsepower.

The base 1.6-liter engine comes in pair with manual transmission, while the others are paired with a 7-speed automatic.

2019 infiniti q30 side view

Diesel engine

When it comes to diesel units, there is a small 1.5-liter unit from Renault that delivers around 108 horsepower.

Still, a much better choice would be a 2.2-liter engine from Mercedes, which is good for about 170 horses.

Both engines use the same 7-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Infiniti Q30 release date and price

The 2019 Infiniti Q30 is expected to come somewhere in the last quarter of the year. Price should remain the same, which means around 27.000 dollars for the base model.

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