2019 Nissan 370z


First 370z coupe was launched in 2008 in LA and it was new model which started sixth generation of legendarz Z-line of the sport vehicles. It is also known as Nissan Fairlady in Japan. It was later launched in many other variants, such as Roadster, Nismo, and special editions for 40th anniversary and Nurburgring. Now, new 2019 Nissan 370z could face dramatic changes which can change this model forever. We used to this model in coupe version, and new, crossover type of sport car could be launched. We still don’t know if it is going to be only one version, or only model produced for 2019 season. Crossover needs bigger engine, so there will be changes under the hood for sure.

2019 Nissan 370z front view

2019 Nissan 370z platform

The 2019 Nissan 370z should be made on the Gripz concept, which was presented at Frankfurt Motor Show. If that happens it is almost certain that coupe is heading to new era. Crossover 370z is likely replacement of existing sport car, and possibly some models from SUV range. Another fact is that Nissan never launched Z vehicle as crossover, so it is another step in their production.

2019 Nissan 370z

2019 Nissan 370z redesign

Whatever happens with car, it is going to be light and small for its segment. Designers will use a lot more of lightweight materials, such as carbon-fiber and aluminum for 2019 Nissan 370z. There were some hints about price drop, but it is not going to be affected with offer inside the cabin. This car will be available in few trims. US buyers are going to choose between base, Sport, Touring, Touring Sport and Nismo model, and second most important, Japanese market is getting 370z as base, Fairlady Z Version S, Fairlady Z Version ST and Fairlady Z Version Nismo.

2019 Nissan 370z interior

2019 Nissan 370z engine

The 2019 Nissan 370z is going to exploit power from 3.7-l V6 unit with 3,696 cc, which can produce 332 hp. Additionally, 370z will offer around 270 lb-ft, mated to 6-speed manual gearbox. Car can sprint to 60 mph in just under 5 sec. Price is unknown yet, but if it appears again in coupe version, value could be similar to current model.

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