2019 Nissan IDx Release date


According to latest reports, 2019 Nissan IDx is finally going to enter serial production. At the time this model was originally presented as a concept, it attracted a lot of attention. With its usual design, it was amazingly well accepted. So, the first question was when it will come to the market. Four years later, we are still waiting for it. Considering that the company is going to discontinue several models, we believe there will be more than enough capacity to finally start serial production.

2019 nissan idx

The exact details about the new model are yet to come, but we hope it will be close to the concept version. Latest reports suggest it will come with the pretty same styling, following all of those interesting details. On the other side, some smaller tweaks on mechanics are possible. When it comes to powertrain, expect at least two versions.

2019 Nissan IDx design

Speaking of the base design characteristics, the 2019 Nissan IDx shouldn’t be much different compared to the concept showed three years ago. Still, some tweaks are certain. When it comes to mechanics, the production model will use the same chassis for sure. Still, some tweaks on suspension are possible. Still, the most interesting thing about this car is styling, by far. The concept version used a legendary Datsun 510 as an inspiration, closely resembling its lines.

On the other side, there is a whole bunch of completely new design solutions, even futuristic in some way. The production model should stick pretty close. Count on pretty similar styling, although some unnecessary things like rear mirror cameras should be missing. The interior design should stick close too, but some revisions on the dashboard are quite possible. Overall, the 2019 Nissan IDx should be a great hit on the road.

2019 nissan idx side view

2019 Nissan IDx Nismo

Along with the base model, we are expecting to see performance version, designed by Nissan’s famous Nismo division. Compared to the base model, there will be many differences. first of all, expect a lot of new bodywork. The 2019 Nissan IDx Nismo should feature even more attractive look, with sportier bumpers, spoiler, rims etc. All these new details will accentuate the model’s performance-oriented character.

Modifications on the inside should come too. We should see those usual Nismo tweaks like chromed pedals and gear shifter, sportier seats, Nismo badges all over the cabin etc. Besides all these cosmetic tweaks, we should see some changes in terms of mechanics as well. Of course, donćt expect miracles. Still, some modifications on the suspension, as well as on brakes are highly possible. Finally, there is a new engine to come.

2019 Nissan IDx engines

When it comes to powertrain, the base model will probably feature the same engine as concept version. This model is designed to compete with cars like Subaru BRZ or Hyundai Genesis Coupe, so small and efficient engines are a must. For that case, Nissan could offer a whole palette of small four-cylinder units, with displacements of 1,2, 1,5 or 1,8 liters. Of course, there is a new 1,6-liter turbo inline-four as well. This engine should be also used for the Nismo model. In this case, the company will go for some further tweaks, which will provide even more efficiency. According to some reports, this particular version of the engine will be able to deliver around 230 horsepower, which sounds pretty amazing, considering carćs size.

2019 nissan idx rear view

2019 Nissan IDx release date

It is important to say that the arrival of 2019 Nissan IDx is yet to become official. This car is still just a concept and despite all those reports, you should take its arrival with a dose of a reserve. Still, enthusiasts believe it could come already next year.

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