2019 Nissan Terrano Release date


It is pretty much certain that the 2019 Nissan Terrano will come redesigned. As you may know, this crossover is actually pretty much rebadged version of Dacia Duster. It came in 2010 and it is offered especially for the Indian market, and it Russian Federation as well. It is a perfect crossover for developing markets, considering its price, available 4×4 layout, decent overall quality etc.

The original model from Dacia has been redesigned recently. it had a premiere last year. The introduction of new-generation model would be a logical next step. So, many reports suggest that the new generation of this affordable crossover could come already for the next year. The new model will most likely come as 2019 Terrano and we expect from it to follow all those changes that we see on the new Duster.  This means a lot of novelties in all aspects.

2019 nissan terrano front view

2019 Nissan Terrano redesign

As we have already mentioned, we are expecting from 2019 Nissan Terrano to follow all the changes that new Duster received. Keeping it short, the new generation of Romanian crossover came with numerous changes. Still, the B0 platform remains the same. Speaking of the mechanics, there are many differences, except there are some new suspension components. This model should go in the same way. Still, there is a chance to see some of Nissanćs new 4×4 systems.

When it comes the overall shape, the new Duster kept same dimensions, as well as similar proportions. So, expect the same from this model. This means same overall shape, with some variations on both ends. on the other side, visual modifications should be numerous.

2019 nissan terrano side view

2019 Nissan Terrano styling

Probably the most important thing of this redesign will be a new styling. just like with the new Duster, we expect implementation of new design language. Compared to Duster, new 2019 Nissan Terrano will feature the same overall shape. Still, expect to see different front end. This means the biggest change will be a new front fascia. We should also see changes on parts like front bumper, headlights etc. On the other side, rear end shouldn’t be much different. Also, count on some of new colors from Nissan’s palette, as well as new rims design and similar things.

On the inside, 2019 Nissan Terrano should mimic the new duster. We are pretty sure that the dashboard layout will be the same. On the other side, Nissan will certainly install its own steering wheel. Another aspect where we could  see some differences is a list of standard equipment.

2019 nissan terrano interior

2019 Nissan Terrano engines

When it comes powertrain, 2019 Nissan Terrano will most likely continue in the same way. The outgoing model comes in three versions, with both gasoline and diesel engines in the offer. Still, some revisions on all versions are expected.

In the current model, a base 1,6-liter gasoline engine is good for about 110 horsepower.

On the other side, there is a 1,5-liter diesel engine from Renault. This unit is available in two output variants, with either 90 or 110 horsepower. For the next year, we should see revisions on both units.

These tweaks should provide some nice power boost, as well as some improvement in terms of fuel economy. Speaking in general, a better efficiency. Finally, we will not be surprised to see some brand-new engine in the offer for the new generation.

2019 nissan terrano rear view

2019 Nissan Terrano release date

Although we are still waiting the official confirmation, it is pretty certain that the 2019 Nissan Terrano will come by the end of the year. The new generation will continue to be in the offer in India and Russia, but we could see it in some new part of the world as well.

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