2020 Nissan IDx Rumors


It’s been six years since we saw the IDx concept version and experts are still speculating about the possible production version. The fancy concept was designed in a manner of the legendary Datsun 510, as something that should attract both younger and older generations closer to the Nissan brand. The concept version was accepted pretty well, so everyone expected to see a production version soon after. However, we are still waiting, six years later. According to the latest reports, this model could finally come in the next year, as the 2020 Nissan IDx. At this point, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. So, the following paragraphs are based on rumors, which means you should take them with a big reserve.

2020 Nissan IDx

2020 Nissan IDx Design

At this point, we can only speculate. Therefore, we may presume that the 2020 Nissan IDx would stick to the concept version, at least in some portion. This refers to most aspects, but particularly to aesthetics. At the time the IDX was presented for the first time, it was one of the most interesting cars around. An unusual approach that combines vintage design elements with sharp lines and latest design solutions seems like an excellent combination. Therefore, we hope the production model won’t loos too much in this aspect.

On the other side, keep in mind that six years have passed. Therefore, we count on significant mechanical upgrades. This small coupe is designed to compete with other sports cars in the class and most of them are characterized by superior handling and overall driving characteristics. So, Nissan engineers will have a hard job to make this small car not just to look, but also to perform well.

Interior Design

At this point, it is hard to say how much the production model will have in common with the concept version. If we look at the concept’s cabin, it is definitely something very interesting. However, this combination of retro elements and modern technologies usually means pretty high production costs, which isn’t the most desired thing in these days. Therefore, we will probably see some cuts. How much, it is hard to say at the moment. On the other side, the overall layout will remain the same, which would mean the same 2+2 coupe design, though the functionality of the back seats is still questionable. Most likely, they won’t be too generous in terms of space.

Nissan IDx Concept Interior

2020 Nissan IDx Engine

Once again, it is still early for more predictions. Still, there are some engines that seem perfectly suitable for a vehicle like this one. One of the engines that comes to mind is a well-known 1.6-liter unit, which would probably be tuned to around 200 horsepower. Still, higher trims would probably come with something more powerful. The engine that comes to mind is a new 2.0-liter turbo-four, which is good for about 268 horsepower. This seems like a perfect measure, though we could see some additional upgrades in terms of power as well. Some reports even suggest a hybrid version. However, we don’t see this could happen so easily. Simply, such powertrain seems a little bit heavy for a vehicle that is supposed to be super maneuverable. Therefore, we think Nissan will stick to gasoline engines only.

Nissan IDx rear

2020 Nissan IDx Release Date and Price

Rumors about the production version of this attractive coupe have been around for more than six years. Therefore, there is a big chance that, once again, nothing will happen. On the other side, some reports are suggesting the new model could come already in the next year, as 2020 Nissan IDx. At this moment, it is hard to make some predictions about the price. We presume that the key rivals will be models like Subaru BRZ, Mazda Miata, Toyota 86 etc.

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