2020 Nissan Z Redesign, Engine, Nismo


The new 2020 Nissan Z car is definitely one of the most anticipated sports cars for the next year. The iconic nameplate has been in use for many decades and it has always represented some of the finest achievements in the category of affordable sports cars. Excellent handling combined with powerful engines and light body were always its trademarks, so we count on the same thing in the future as well.

The current 370Z is a great car. However, it has been on the market for a full decade, which seems too long for today’s industry standards. Therefore, the new model is expected to bring a lot of improvements. The first thing that comes to mind is the engines, which will be completely new. Also count on plenty of new design solutions, new styling and much more. We expect that the new model will hit the market sometime in the next year.

2020 Nissan Z

2020 Nissan Z Redesign

This redesign is about to bring a lot of novelties, which seems natural, considering the current model’s age. According to some reports, it will be a joint venture. Once again, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz will join their forces in order to create amazing models. We presume that the 2020 Nissan Z and some of the new models of the German manufacturer. In terms of base design characteristics, many reports suggest a lot of things in common with the Infiniti Q60, including the platform. Still, keep in mind that this luxury sedan is a significantly larger vehicle, so even if we see the same architecture, it will have to undergo significant modifications.

In any case, we expect from the 2020 Nissan Z to be lighter than its predecessor, as well as to feature better aerodynamics. Of course, we count on a completely new suspension, which will come with components that would soften the ride, without sacrificing performances.


This aspect of the 2020 Nissan Z is definitely a mystery at the moment. We are still waiting for the testing model and once we see it, we may be able to spot some details of the interior. Until then, we can only speculate about the new model. At this point, we can only presume that the new interior will borrow some of the design solutions from Nissan’s newest model. Still, we count on a lot of distinctive details as well, particularly in terms of the dashboard design, which should be oriented to the driver. Of course, the new 2020 Nissan Z will come in a typical 2+2 coupe layout, while there is also a chance to see convertible in the offer.

Of course, the new model should be full of the latest tech features, including new touchscreen, infotainment system, smartphone integration and other gadgety. Also, we count on a lot of the latest driver-assist systems in the offer.

2020 Nissan Z Engine

When it comes to the powertrain, we have no doubt that the 2020 Nissan Z will stick to its roots. This would mean six cylinders and a front mid-engine/RWD layout. For the new model, we presume that the company will use a familiar 3.0-liter turbo V6, which powers already-mentioned Infiniti Q60 and delivers a pretty impressive output of 400 horsepower. Besides this one, there is a chance to see something smaller, reserved for base versions. That would probably be some turbo-four engine, probably the company’s new 2.0-liter unit, tuned to around 300 horsepower.

Nissan Z rear view


Of course, we count on a hi-performance version as well. The 2020 Nissan Z Nismo is about to come with various upgrades compared to standard models. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the engine. We believe that the new model will use the same 3.0-liter V6 engine, but tuned up to impressive 475 horsepower, which should provide spectacular performances.

Besides the engine, we count on lots of other mechanical upgrades, including things like new suspension, brakes and much more. Of course, we count on Nismo’s treatment in terms of aesthetics as well. This would mean a completely new bodywork, new set of wheels and much more. Interior upgrades are expected as well.

2020 Nissan Z Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2020 Nissan Z will be ready for the next year. Starting price should go around 35.000-40.000 dollars.

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