2022 Nissan Note Nismo S: Specs, Price, and Release Date


The upcoming 2022 Nissan Note Nismo S is one truly astonishing model. It comes with outstanding performance and it also provides great fuel economy. On the other hand, this model is not available in the United States, unfortunately. According to Nissan, the Note Nismo S will deploy a new combustion engine that achieves up to 50 percent of thermal efficiency. The small hatchback also looks modern and handsome, and even the interior is both modern and comfy.

As you know, there is no room for Ford Fiesta ST and Toyota Yaris GR in the U.S., and Nissan Note Nismo S is no different. The customers are into fast crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Unfortunately, the hatchbacks are a dying breed. Still, this model will go on sale in some other parts of the world, mostly in Asia.

2022 Nissan Note Nismo S design

Nissan Note Nismo S – What Is It?

We don’t have to mention that the 2022 Nissan Note Nismo S will feature a hybrid powertrain. However, it is not a regular hybrid. It is an interesting setup so we’ll try to make it simple for you. This is Nissan’s e-Power Note S for Japan. The Note is basically the same as the original Versa hatchback and e-Power is Nissan’s hybrid drivetrain nomenclature. The Nismo S bit signifies that there are many good things about this car.

In a typical hybrid like a Prius, a combustion engine and an electric motor directly deliver power to the front wheels. The path is simplified using the e-Power setup. There is no direct connection to the drive wheels of the combustion engine. It is effectively a glorified extension range, which cycles on and off to upgrade the battery, always in its maximum efficiency zone.

2022 Nissan Note Nismo S release date

Engine Specs

In 2022 Nissan Note Nismo S, the energy is stored in a 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that subsequently transfers power to an electrical drive motor via an inverter. The electrical components of the battery-electric are closely connected, like in the Nissan Leaf model. In reality, the shifter is the same and you have the same regenerative one-pedal drive.

The 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine is standard. The Note e-Power consumes only 2.9 liters of fuel every 100 kilometers. This is an astonishing 87 mpg when converted into more common fuel efficiency metrics. Some versions work even better, reaching numbers more than 90 mpg. The Note Nismo S variant generates 136 horsepower and up to 236 lb-ft of torque. To compare, regular Note e-Power delivers 109 hp and 187 lb-ft of torque.  So, this Nismo S variant provides more power and it also comes with better fuel efficiency.

What About Exterior Design?

The 2022 Nissan Note Nismo S looks like a car you just tuned in the Need for Speed Most Wanted. It is a sporty hatchback with a handsome appearance and an athletic stance. The Nismo S comes with standard LED headlights, custom bumpers, unique exterior paints, and much more. For example, the suspension is tuned as well and you will find a lot of NISMO logos on the car. We think this hatchback looks beautiful, but its sound is not as sporty as you might think.

2022 Nissan Note Nismo S price

2022 Nissan Note Nismo S Price, Release Date

The upcoming 2022 Nissan Note Nismo S model will go on sale in Japan and it will cost slightly above $20,000. The sales will begin in the coming months. Unfortunately, this hot hatchback won’t go on sale in the United States.

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