2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid Should Provide Over 200 Horsepower


The Nissan Juke crossover is about to introduce a mid-cycle facelift. Thanks to that, the upcoming 2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid should receive the same upgrades. Juke is a funky model with so much to offer. It is a small crossover SUV, focused on efficiency. On top of that, it is quite a modern and comfortable model.

Like Juke, the Juke Hybrid variant is also fun-to-drive, offering good driving dynamics and a quiet ride. It is so easy to maneuver this adorable vehicle. Most of the parts are unique, and future updates will be distinctive as well. Overall, Juke Hybrid will introduce improved fuel economy ratings, but the rest of the vehicle should be exactly like the regular Juke.

Nissan Juke Hybrid Engine Specs

The 2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid is on the way. This model will not use Nissan’s e-Power setup, reportedly. Instead, we are dealing with the “e-Tech” hybrid system, developed by Nissan and Renault. It is not a new system, as Renault Captur already has this option in the lineup. It is a nice combination of a 1.6-liter engine and an electric motor, which produces around 140 hp and over 200 lb-ft of torque.

Most likely, Juke Hybrid will deploy the same system with similar numbers. Furthermore, Juke Hybrid could feature two hybrid options, one with a petrol unit, and the second one with a diesel powertrain. A 1.5-liter engine is the most likely candidate, so the new Juke Hybrid should deliver around 210 horsepower. Additionally, it will have an all-electric range of 35 miles, and this crossover will also get around 30 miles per gallon combined.

2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid specs

Exterior Updates

The forthcoming 2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid will receive a mid-cycle facelift, reportedly. This small crossover sits on a CMF-B architecture providing good ride quality. As we said, the Juke model looks funky and unique. However, it still has a very modern appearance with a sloping roofline.

Upper trim levels are especially interesting, because the vehicle’s size is compact, but larger wheels are making it appear bigger than it is. Nissan will provide new exterior colors, and minor changes on the front fascia, and the rear section will wear updated taillights. The Japanese manufacturer will most likely introduce more optional features and refreshed optional packages.

2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid colors

Interior Refresh

The cabin upgrades are mild. The 2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid will not depart from the base Juke at all. Therefore, hybrid badges on the outside could be the only way to set two models apart. Thanks to that, both versions are about to introduce the same interior updates. This compact crossover is practical and full of standard features.

However, cabin space is not so ample, and if you want a higher level of comfort, you need to buy one of the upper trim levels. In any case, Nissan is working on new version of the infotainment system, and this model will also receive more safety aids. The rest of the interior will probably remain intact.

2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid interior

2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid Price and Release Date

We do not expect a bigger price increase, as Nissan opted to deliver minor-to-mild updates. Because of that, the 2024 Nissan Juke Hybrid will most likely start at $30,000 and it will move up from there. This small funky crossover will hit the roads later this summer.

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