2024 Nissan Skyline Going EV?


The forthcoming 2024 Nissan Skyline is going on sale once again. This time, without an internal-combustion engine. This is nothing new, as every carmaker is moving away from traditional outputs. The hybrid game is already very strong and all-electric vehicles are slowly taking over.

Long ago, Skyline moved away from the GT-R nameplate, and the future Skyline will be closer to the Infiniti Q50 model. Basically, Q50 and Skyline are the same vehicles, available in different markets. And just like Q50, Nissan Skyline will focus on becoming an EV.

Good News

Back in 2002, Nissan discontinued the famous R34 Skyline GT-R model. However, Nissan used the “Skyline” name on new cars and crossovers. Now, the 2024 Nissan Skyline will arrive, and that is official. According to Nissan, demand for sedans ceased, not only in Japan but all over the globe.

If you consider that the Skyline name is used on Infiniti EX and QX50 variants, the conclusion is obvious. Next Skyline will use the QX concept as an inspiration. Therefore, we are getting a model that no one expected to see. Right now, we know that the Nissan Skyline will go on sale in Japan.

2024 Nissan Skyline interior

QX Concept Used as an Inspiration

The 2024 Nissan Skyline will be a direct replacement for the Infiniti Q50 model. Drawing a lot of things from the QX concept, this sporty sedan will be all-electric. You can see the impact of this concept on the current QX55 crossover SUV.

Moreover, the QX60 Monograph concept resulted in the Infiniti QX60 model. Therefore, it is easy to realize what is going on. Moreover, Nissan adapted its Tochigi plant for EV needs. This factory produces most of the sedans sold in Japan, and even the Nissan Ariya EV crossover is produced there.

2024 Nissan Skyline price

Multiple Body Styles

One thing that is far from official is the body type of the 2024 Nissan Skyline. Naturally, the sedan variant will arrive. However, many reports are saying that Nissan could adopt multiple body styles, including Coupe version. Since there are so many concepts from Nissan and Infiniti, this one is still hard to predict.

Most of the QS-inspired models arrived as crossovers and SUVs, while some others are now four-door coupes. No matter what happens, the Skyline badge will live on in Japan, and it will be an all-electric model. However, we don’t expect to see Skyline crossover.

2024 Nissan Skyline specs

2024 Nissan Skyline Launch Date

This brand-new model will be unique and innovative. Therefore, the Infiniti Q50/Nissan Skyline will feature a bolder appearance and futuristic styling. As we noted, it will be an all-electric model. Thanks to that, the price is hard to determine right now, but a price of around $50,000 sounds reasonable.

We are waiting to hear more details regarding the vehicle’s interior, driving range, acceleration, and more. The sales will begin in Japan at some point next year, while the 2024 Nissan Skyline won’t arrive in the US anytime soon.

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