Infiniti Synaptiq concept


The last Auto show in Los Angeles was used by Nissan to present brand new concept. Car show hosted a feature called Design Challenge, and this time its theme was about future. The question was “How will cars interact with us in 2029?”. Japanese carmaker used its luxury cars brand to show off plans for such future. New Infiniti Synaptiq concept amazed all visitors with its design. Frame, chassis, cabin… all parts were incredible.

Infiniti Synaptiq concept front view

Synaptiq concept interface

The Infiniti Synaptiq concept uses Symbiotic User Interface Technology. The SUIT uses biometric sensors and synthetic muscles. It has spinal lock attachment on this human-machine interface. The vehicle transforms into different stages of ARC (Air, Rally, Circuit) race. Finally liquid crystal canopy above driver shows all information with augmented-reality displays. This design makes into new generation of windows.

Infiniti Synaptiq concept side view

Infiniti Synaptiq concept ARC

San Diego design labs of the company are responsible for Infiniti Synaptiq concept. Finally this vehicle can change its appearance in three different ways. Outside, it looks like Formula 1 vehicle. It is needed for first stage of so-called ARC race. Second stretch is a desert run across rocky and bumped roads. The last round is a radical gymkhana-style jet race through virtual pylons.

Infiniti Synaptiq concept rear view

Finally for ARC, SUIT technology is needed, to boost drivers passion and imagination. Driver is in a pod all the time, while vehicle morphs through stages. Finally synaptiq concept answered very creative on the task given by Design Challenge at LA Auto show.

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