Nissan Esflow concept


First touch with new Nissan Esflow concept is making it interesting because of its name. While we are trying to spell it correctly, we can also found out that there is more behind this nameplate. Platform was presented back in 2011 at car show in Geneva, and ever since we are waiting for the vehicles which are going to us it. Favorite for this is new Nissan Leaf. However, concept presented five years ago will be modified, since many things have changed since then. On the other hand, structure is the same, so we can talk about very similar platform that we already saw.

Nissan Esflow concept front view

Nissan Esflow concept powertrain

If Nissan Esflow concept is going to be a new platform for upcoming Leaf car, we can expect it to use power through front wheels. Except petrol model, electric lithium-ion battery is going to be mated to two-seat vehicle. But this is not all. Some rumors are informing that Esflow platform could send power through CVT to rear wheels, which is a surprise for all fans. Also, two motors will be located on each rear wheel, which boosts digital torque-vectoring ability. At this moment, experts believe that cars run on Esflow concept can go up to 150 miles using only electric power. Quick acceleration and high torque level are going to be main performance advantages.

Nissan Esflow concept interior

Nissan Esflow concept design

We can talk about what to expect from Nissan Esflow concept, since premiere of this platform was five years ago. However, company dropped some ideas, some could be borrowed from other cars, but presented style will be mostly the same. Futuristic design s boosted with new materials used for build. Designers haven’t paid attention only to styling, but it also brings additional efficiency. Blue details are all over the car, inside and outside. Hood is attractive, and Esflow concept is using unique lights, but very similar to some which could be seen on Datsun and Z models.

Nissan Esflow concept rear view

Nissan Esflow concept impression

First impressions about new concept are positive. Potential buyers are surprised with seating layout and A-pillars. However, although it looks cool, it is somehow unoriginal, since Nissan used it before. Positive thing are controls on the wheel and adjustable seats.

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