Nissan Hi-Cross concept


Nissan is among the leaders in the SUV class, especially because of its extraordinary models, Qashqai, Juke, and Murano. However, a company that always seeks innovations and improvement has prepared different approaches through its Nissan Hi-Cross concept. The greatest news is the hybrid powertrain.

This type of drivetrain is not so popular and developed, but other classes are already represented by this type of engine. That means the direction of development will go to fuel efficiency, although new Hi-Cross models are going to be stylish too.

Nissan Hi-Cross concept front view

Nissan Hi-Cross concept powertrain

This hybrid crossover is new on the market. We believe that the electric motor is going to be mated to a 2.0-liter supercharged four-cylinder unit with direct injection. Electric power is supplied from lithium-ion batteries, and paired with a CVT gearbox, which makes a powerful hybrid SUV.

New CVT transmission is headed into the next generation, and we believe that is going to be a 2-speed box. The default drive system of the Nissan Hi-Cross concept is a front-wheel drive, but we are sure the company will offer AWD. The dual-clutch system provides new technology of switching between electric and petrol powering the crossover.

Nissan Hi-Cross concept rear view


A lot of stories are circulating about the Nissan Hi-Cross concept and its look. As an extension of the current lineup, made of Qashqai, Juke, and Murano, this platform could bring many similarities with these traditional crossovers.

On the other hand, there are rumors about Pathfinder‘s influence on this concept. But, that is not all, since dimensions are compared to Rogue. We believe that this concept brings a 5-passenger layout inside the cabin with elements of all mentioned models. Outside, headlights will be borrowed probably from Murano, as well as some other parts.

Nissan Hi-Cross concept interior

What is common to all Nissan SUVs, are hard edges and creases, which makes them more aggressive. With 21-inch wheels and reshaped taillights, the complete design of Hi-Cross platform could attract more buyers.

Nissan Hi-Cross concept release date

There are many plans for the Nissan Hi-Cross concept, but the timetable is unknown yet. The platform was presented, but when it is going to enter production, we still don’t know. We suppose that Nissan is keeping it for the next generations of crossovers, which are planned after 2018. Until then, the development of this concept continues.

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