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Nissan Kicks concept got his debut in the month of November in 2014. In a grandeur motor show of Sao Paulo, Nissan revealed their grand car Nissan Kicks concept. Truly, Nissan Kicks concept is a great innovation from Nissan Design groups. The input system of this of this brand new car was determined by the Nissan America’s Sao Paulo’s studio.

nissan kicks front view

Nissan Kicks design

It is really good about this automobile that it has already possessed a healthy position in the market. This awesome auto vehicles design was the contribution of a Japanese design factory. The design of this car has attracted its user. And you can say that its’ design actually speeds up the total selling. In the whole world, it has fallen a great impact. This is such a design, which is equally appreciated and popular worldwide. The presence of Nissan Kicks concept is very attractive and obviously it looks very mature. Undoubtedly, it was a challenging task. Cause, Kicks concept is a SUV but its design actually not the match of an SUV car. So the overall layout actually needs to be modern and perfect. And it truly is. That’s the reason, it is widely appreciated.

nissan kicks side view

Nissan Kicks specs

Not only the color and the layout, the overall performance of Nissan Kicks concept is superb. The high quality, oil saving engine has made the difference between this car and the others available car on the market. Nissan has used the more efficient and advanced technology to develop this car. And it can be said that they succeed. People really appreciated them and gave a good response to them. The mileage, acceleration, and oil usage range is just amazing! The latest technology has given its everything to this modern Nissan car. As told before, the acceleration is very good and top speed of this awesome car is 125 mph. It can reach its top speed within 60 seconds. Overall, this one is a massive effort from Nissan.

nissan kicks rear view

Nissan Kicks price

Nissan has used their every bit effort behind this cool automobile. They did everything they can for this one. And at the field of the price, they placed another attraction for the user. The price of Nissan Kicks, cool and giant car is only $20000. Yes, I am not kidding. It’s only $20000. Nissan actually wants to make a bigger impact on the market and that’s why they did not commit with a single matter regarding this car. And the price of this car is the sign of the dedication of Nissan.

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  1. When can we expect this model on the european market, actually in Croatia. I’m driving x-trail for 7 years and it’s time for new one, and kicks is definitely that one. Which is the expected price in Europe?
    Regards, Ranka

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